A Huge Welcome To Our New Member Of Staff

Massive congrats to Harvey who has successfully completed his anti snowflake induction at BMS

Gerard MD at BMS comments – “Prior to an offer of employment it was emphasised that as a young person he would have to prove himself via hard graft. No safe spaces would be offered and if he had a particular bad day at work we do not offer group hugs, cups of chamomile tea, bean bags and nude yoga!”

It was also explained that it is impossible to have 5 granddads and a record will be kept on how many die on Sundays! To date not one granddad has died and attendance has been 100%

In addition to this Harvey was informed that due to bad experiences in the past with previous staff his personal mobile phone should be put away apart from on break times. Harvey calls clients on a work mobile phone as it was also explained that we pay our staff to talk to our customers and clients at work not there friends. Harvey was happy about this and cited “It’s great because I don’t have to reply at work to all his mates snap chats and social media posts and I can concentrate on my work”

Harvey has been a massive success here at the age of 18 and is testament to the phrase – The harder you work the luckier you get”

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