Smartphone users account for more than 59% of the mobile users in the United Kingdom, and this number is expected to grow in the coming months and years. A study by the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project indicated that 87% of smartphone owners use their phones to go online or check their email.

What does this mean for both small and large business owners and mobile marketing?

It simply means that the mobile market, especially smartphone owners, can no longer be ignored. If you want to draw more customers, you must have an online presence that is searchable and reachable by smart phone owners.
The Mobile Web

The Internet has a new face these days. It’s called the Mobile Web, or the internet as viewed on a smart phone or tablet connected to a wireless network. Mobile websites are designed to be easily accessible and viewable on mobile devices.

Businesses that do not have a mobile website risk losing customers who cannot find or access them using their smartphones or tablets to search the internet.

Optimise Your Website for Mobile Devices

If your business already has a website, it could be that the site is designed for users navigating the site from their computers. What looks good on a computer screen may be disastrous on the limited screen display of mobile devices. In order to make your website mobile-friendly, you will have to redesign the site content and elements of your website to make it easier for mobile browsers to navigate your site.

Elements of a Mobile-Friendly Website.

Always remember that a website for mobile marketing must be designed for visitors using their smart phones or tablet PC’s. These visitors are typically on the go and they need instant results.

These are the features you want to have in a mobile-friendly website:

  • It’s smaller, to fit on the small screen of a mobile device
  • Focuses more on key points
  • No large blocks of text
  • Has large navigational buttons to make it easy to find what you are looking for
  • Fewer graphics; less distracting
  • Include a phone number that makes a call when clicked on

There are two important things you have to remember when designing a web page for mobile users:

Make your site uncluttered and fast loading. A web page that is heavy on graphics will take too long to load on slow wireless connections. Prospective visitors may become bored or lose their patience and leave before they even get to access your site.

Images and pictures on your website can take ages to load on a mobile device. Eliminate or minimize their use on a mobile website.

Keep your website clean and simple, and use the largest font sizes possible for easier reading and viewing.

Don’t forget that visitors are viewing your site on a tiny screen.