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We are specialists in web design and offer a bespoke, premium service. From a basic one page website to a fully loaded multi page website we can guarantee to not only create you a beautiful new website but also get it found!

We also offer premium UK web hosting, as in our experience when you have a problem you want it sorting quickly. What you don’t want is to have to wait for 48 hours just to get a response from an overseas call centre.

One Page Websites

Not all websites have to be all singing all dancing multi-page affairs to be successful for your business.

The front page of your website is your storefront, you need to draw them into your company and we can help you do that.

We can create a bespoke landing page for your business, from startups to established companies. This is the most cost effective way to get a quality website with decent web traffic to start driving more sales!

Remember to check out our SEO services to get your new website found so please click the link below on how we can do this

MULTI Page Websites

Do you require a bit more of a comprehensive website solution? Well our multi-page website services are just what you need!

As previously stated the front page of your website is your storefront, however if you offer various services or products a page for each is the perfect way to explain to future customers they need your services.

We can create you a bespoke multi-page website for your business, and with the correct keywords added with our SEO package your website should pull more traffic from Google via the optimised pages we create for you.

Remember that you need somewhere to host your new website so please click the link below on how we can host your new site on our premium private server

Blog Websites

Sometimes a website just doesn’t cut it for your online presence. That’s where our blog creation services come into play.

All our blogs are custom sculpted to the end user, with content you have created, care about and want to share with the world.

Remember a blog is no use unless you have somewhere to share it. We offer social media marketing where we can share your new blog to attract new customers and improve your SEO.

GDPR Policies

Here at Business Marketing Services we always like to stay up to date with legislation and make sure you as a customer are complying with the law.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive GDPR Policy written up by our solicitor and hosted on our server. The ICO are actively hunting down non compliance and it’s not a risk worth taking as the fines can be eye watering.

Even if you decide against a new website we urge you to buy one of these, a company recently got in contact with us after the ICO had fined them 4% of last year’s turnover effectively wiping out profits, they are now legal but make sure you aren’t next!

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